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  International Cultural Exchange Service


Alba’s international cultural exchange include British Summer/Winter camp plan, Chinese Summer/Winter camp plan and development forum. We would like to make everyone gain cross-cultural experiences in the communication of different people and culture from all over the world.


  British Summer/Winter Camp Scheme


British Summer/Winter Camp Scheme allows Chinese students to visit Britain and learn both the language and culture. Through the operational experience of Wangping, Alba has launched some special camp plans, such as:


                        ‘Harry Porter summer camp’
                       • ‘British seaside summer camp’
                       • ‘Scotland arts festival summer camp’.

With many choices, full and varied itineraries, and considerate services, our camp are very popular with. In the future, Alba will provide more summer/winter camps in the UK and Europe
Student Services offered
British history and cultural visits.
English language lessons
Help for students wishing to study in the UK.


  Chinese Summer/Winter Camp


Chinese Summer/Winter Camp Scheme is designed for non Chinese who wish to have a better knowledge of China and Chinese culture.

Service offered
Chinese history and cultural visits
Chinese economic development information/visits
Tourism services within China
Help and advice for UK students wishing to study in China


  Professional Development Forum


Professional development forum is one of the most important parts in the international cultural communication business of our group. Through this forum, Alba has established a modern platform for Sino British communication to enhance the economic development and culture of both countries.

Our Forum Provides:
An exchange and communication platform for British and Chinese enterprises and institutions
Marketing & media resources for both British and Chinese enterprises and institutions
Display the newest trend in all fields Encourage international investment

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