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  Education Management and Training


Education Management Consultancy provides all kinds of schools or education institutions with operation and strategy consultancy. With professional experience, we help to improve the proficiency of the education enterprises to raise competition advantage and enlarge market share. We also help individuals to find the most suitable education for their future career.
Alba is a leading company engaged in education management consultancy, with abundant project operation experience, a thorough understanding of Chinese and western culture, and a unique insight of the education market. For education institutions in China, we offer guidance on establishment and
operation of the international education management system and we provide tailored plans for them to enter international market. For the education institutions in UK, we provide Chinese market-oriented research and analysis and make consequent Chinese market launching plans. We match qualifications, majors and international projects for clients to establish cooperation according to clients’ requirements.
Service including but not only including
Assist China and UK government to do policy research with the understanding of international market
Choose same-levelled and qualified British education institutions for Chinese clients to promote international cooperation between schools.
According to the need of Chinese clients, choose partner universities or schools at the same level to open courses in China
Help international or domestic students to draw a suitable education plan
Assist British education institutions to set up the best marketing plan in China

Service Tailored for
Chinese education institutions that wish to establish cooperation with British counterparts
Chinese education institutions that hope to fit into international markets
British education institutions that hope to enter Chinese education market
Chinese talents on all levels that wish to seek development in Britain
British students or groups that wish to study in China

The Basic Principles
>> Customers First
Education is our obligation. We strive to realize the goals of clients and universities first before considering our own benefits.

>> Privacy
Privacy is our guarantee for clients. We preserve all the client information securely.

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