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  Investment Promotion and Project Cooperation


Alba enjoys abundant public relationship and media resources in both UK and China. Excellent planning experts will assist Chinese enterprises, British enterprises and the clients of governmental institutions of both countries in establishing business relationship with the leading enterprises in the mainstream industries, attracting investment and strengthen cooperation.

The service including:
• Assist clients set up an investment attraction or marketing project based on the advantage of the client and the situation of UK and China and conduct an overall planning
• After authorization, as a business representative based in UK and China provide long-term investment attraction service
• Organize British, Europe mainstream media, Chinese media in UK to broadcast investment attraction conferences.
• Gather cooperation information of relevant companies and enterprises and discuss cooperation intentions
• Arrange business tours for British and European enterprises, organizations and governmental institutions to investment attracting places
• Work on public relationship related to investment attraction activities, arrange high level conferences, and assist clients to make the most of local public relationship.
• Assist clients to establish UK office or China office
• Assist Chinese clients to have talents training and employment
• Assist Chinese cities to establish friend city relationship with British cities to have further project cooperation

Services tailored for
• The enterprises and institutions that wish to have market investigation and valuation in China or UK
• The enterprises and institutions that wish to communicate and study in certain fields in China or UK
• The enterprises and institutions that wish to establish business relationship with other enterprises in China or UK
• The enterprises and institutions that wish to have all kinds of business investment in China or UK
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