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Business/Holiday Tours
Investment Promotion and Project Cooperation
Conference & Exhibition Services
Education Management and Training
International Cultural Exchange Service
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  Business/Holiday Tours


Wangping Travel part of Alba Global, established in 2000, is a long established, fast growing, Chinese travel agency.

Wangping Travel was the first Chinese travel company to organize scheduled tours around Scotland, Ireland and the Lake District. We are experienced in organizing trips for Chinese tourists visiting Britain, and also provide services for Chinese business tours, and tours to other destinations in Europe.We have established a good relationship with the Scottish and UK governments and many local authorities in theUK.Through our network of contacts, we are able to issue invitations for many business representative groups.We have served government and business groups from every province in China. We coordinate and arrange the visits, investigations, exhibitions and sight-seeing in the UK or European continent for institutions or private individuals from China. We have a long-term cooperative relationship with many travel agencies and also provide services such as booking hotels, tour guides, and vehicles for visiting employees of Chinese-owned enterprises in Britain. We can also arrange personalized holiday trips to Europe and the UK, according to the preference and time-tables of customers, providing high-quality services for both domestic and overseas clients.

Wangping Travel’s tours include business trips from both UK to China and China to UK. We also organize trips for British tourists to visit China. Wangping undertakes and arranges all visits, conferences, cross-national business trips and any other services in support of international project cooperation participated in by Alba Global. (For more information, please visit www.wangpingtravel.com)


  Professional Teams and Services

Business invitations
Municipal Government
• Information Technology
• Finance
• Coal mining
• Architecture
• Education
• Communications
• Trade
• Tourism Bureau
• Cultural communication and exchange

More than a hundred cooperating hotels – Including
Hilton Hotel
• Novotel
• Menzies Hotel
• Holiday Inn Hotel
• Crown Plaza Hotel
• Thistle Hotel
• Ramada Hotel
• Apex

Modern VIP Vehicles
• High-grade business car
• High-grade multi-functional coach
High-quality tour team
• Experienced mandarin/Cantonese speaking tour guides with extensive local knowledge
• Experienced local driver
• Professional management team with experienced staff

  Business Sector Coverage


Comprehensive Management
• Dump and anti-dump
• Industrial supervision and Management
• British market supervision and customers right protection
• Modern enterprise management, such as company’s managing structure and social responsibility
• The development, usage, streamline and integration of western enterprises resources
• Western logistics management
• British tourist management
• The system and revolution of British national electric network
• The management of western statistic system and the application of new technologies

Social Services
• Residence construction and property management
• City planning and property market management
 • City planning and land management
• British labour security system
• British unemployment salvation system
• British governmental re-employment training management
• Western accumulation fund system and social security system

Finance, Tax, and Audit
• Theoretical and Applied Western Finance
• Investment bank service and fund management
• The self-discipline and supervision system of British insurance industry
• The procedure of foreign companies coming into market in London stock exchange
• The management of companies on the market
• Training for western tax system
• Western management and training for ACCA
• High-level finance audit
Science, education, culture and hygiene
• Government encouragement and policies on the IT industry innovation
• E-business and marketing
• The strategy of e-government affairs, government online, the open of government affairs and information resource development
• Western (primary, middle and higher) education system and inspection system
• British sanitation service management system and medical sanitation system
• The prevention and control management system of epidemical disease,medical emergency system
• Community medical and health care system
 • British medical care policy and management system
Human resource management
• Western human resource management
• Western job agency market and its management mode
Agriculture, forestry and stockbreeding
• Agriculture industrial management and development
• Modern agriculture, forestry management and sustainable resource management
• Management system and policy and regulations of British stockbreeding
Environment protection and water conservancy
• Western water resource management and sewage disposal
• The function of environment protection institutions and the establishment and application of environment protection policies of the developed countries
• The environment protection awareness of modern enterprises and the application of high-technology in environment protection
• How to establish economized society, such as the management of energy industry, electricity market and the transformation and development of energy shortage cities
• The establishment of zero energy consumption in the communities

Politics and Law
• The power division and financial budge of the central government and local government
• Financial budge and staff employment of governmental institutions
• Regulations on civil servants and the construction of clean and honest government
• The development and revolution of administration system
• British legal system, police system and protections on youngsters
• The lawyer qualification training and principals of the field
• The independent inspection on staff in legal administration and measures on anti-corruption

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